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Prepaid (epay)

Our Prepaid (epay) Segment provides electronic payment products and services to enable service providers to reach their end consumers. epay's product portfolio includes top-up or recharge services for prepaid mobile airtime; prepaid debit cards and e-wallets; payment services for bills, road tolls and money transfer; and marketing and distribution services for gift cards, digital content, lottery and transport tickets. Today our Prepaid Segment:

  • Operates a worldwide network of approximately 647,000 POS terminals across approximately 304,000 retailer locations in 35 countries
  • Offers a full cash collection and settlement service
  • Processes approximately $11 billion and approximately 1.3 billion transactions annually


Prepaid Products

Prepaid Mobile Top-Up 
Allows individuals to add mobile airtime minutes to their prepaid phone through a retailer's POS terminal, at the ATM, via the Internet or directly through their mobile phone.

International Prepaid Mobile Top-Up
Provides a way for individuals to buy prepaid airtime for family and friends overseas by offering a range of international mobile operators through our retailer network. The airtime recharge is typically done in real-time, and the recipient receives a text message notifying them of the successful top-up. 

Prepaid Debit Cards
Otherwise known as Open Loop Cards, our network provides a valuable customer acquisition channel for Prepaid Debit Card issuers and a growth category for retailers promoting the product. In addition to selling cards, we provide a service for loading funds on to a Prepaid Debit Card. Consumers will return again and again to load their card and likely spend some of these funds in-store.

Stored Value and Loyalty
Our Stored Value and Loyalty (SVL) platform is a fully flexible card platform used for the delivery of closed loop stored value card solutions such as retail and hospitality Gift Cards, Promotion Cards, Customer Savings Cards and Customer Compensation Cards. The system supports contact (magnetic stripe, barcode, chip) and contactless cards (or tokens in other forms such as key fob or stickers) through a variety of flexible delivery solutions including integrated into the EPOS or ECR, standalone terminal or even via a Web site. The system incorporates many powerful features such as a real-time reporting tool, multiple accounts per card and online account access for cardholders.

A further feature of the SVL platform is the ability to manage sophisticated loyalty programs that track shopping behaviors, and through data analytics and promotional tools enables retailers to influence the spending pattern of customers. The promotional programs, rewards and incentives are entirely customizable by the end user and designed to ensure ongoing loyalty and retention of valuable customers.

Music, Games, Software
The range of content products include: music, games and gaming, movies, internet access, maps navigation, software licenses, ticketing (football, concerts), electronic coupons, PayTV, on demand film and TV. 

Calling Cards
We work with many of the world's leading providers of low cost, long distance/international calling cards to provide consumers with convenient access to these products across a retailer network. 

Gift Cards and Stored Value Cards
One of the fastest growing categories in retail today with consumers quickly establishing the benefits of buying a gift card for a loved one or a prepaid Stored Value Card to access their favorite services – without the need for a credit or debit card. We provide a range of solutions for retailers, consumer brands and product providers to issue their own product and distribute this in their own stores or through third-party retail distribution (i.e. Prepaid Store).

Prepaid Store
Our Prepaid Store gives customers access to a wide range of branded gift cards from leading retailers, stored value cards from different categories such as digital content and open loop prepaid debit products for gifting or everyday spend. The Prepaid Store concept enables retailers to create a destination and category that is supported by our expertise in product sales and marketing, including product and package design, production, distribution and merchandising solutions.

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